Thursdays Round 1

Round 1


2 thoughts on “Thursdays Round 1

  1. As you mentioned on my blog, 9… e6 was bad.
    Regarding possible queens exchange – in this case 14. Nxc8 Qxd1 15. Rxd1 Rxc8 16. Rxd7
    was better. His 15… Qd5 was mistake, you could catch his queen after 16. Qc3.
    17. c4 was a good move, he was basically lost after that.

  2. Great comments! Yeah, I never even considered those moves, but you are right.

    It seemed more decisive to keep queens on, since if he ever wins the h2 pawn, I can switch rooks back to h1 and g1 and possibly trap his queen that way, just like that. Also, I was worried about 15…Ng4, until I found 16.Bc5!, which he also found.

    16.Qc4 is very nice, I’ll have to look for that idea next time! 🙂

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