Thursday’s Game

Round 2

I misplayed the opening, then got a chance to equalize.  Instead of ….c5?! I should have simply taken his h-pawn.  Later I attacked his f-pawn, and as soon as I moved saw my a-pawn hanging, and blundering that a-pawn lead to the rest of those queenside pawns falling, and to a losing position.  The whole game was interesting,  but I was only “still in the game” for a short number of moves.

I believe I had about 65 minutes for this game, as I had to drive back in traffic to pick up Alex beforehand.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Game

  1. It looks like his attack on the kingside was developing faster than yours on the queenside.
    23… h6 was unfortunate and gave him a big advantage.
    He somehow managed to give almost all of it back by the move 32.
    I think after 32… c5 you still were OK, 35… Qh5 was a mistake, your queen was defending d6 well from h2. It’s a tough endgame after queen’s exchange.

  2. What happened is that I made a really slack ….b5 move, figuring if he played Bg2, then I’ll play …b4. I felt that …Nb6 at once was best, not spoiling the long diagonal to my rook at a8. After …b5?, I had tons of problems. Also, …a6 looked reasonable but was useless, …a5 was better.

    Yeah, the endgame was tough, but at least it provided some excitement. 😉

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