Quick Chess Finale

Round 4

I was up a pawn, thought about trading queens on g3, then got myself into a mire against his bishop-pair, which I sorta saw coming and sorta didn’t know how to avoid.  I didn’t even record my score as far as I showed here.  I offered Mark a draw with 3 seconds on my clock and 5 seconds on his, but he ignored me and we played it out.  I don’t even remember how I saved this position, all I know is that I played it rather well from here to the end, and then sacrificed my bishop for his last pawn, so that it was king versus king and bishop, insufficient mating material.  Mark won sole first place, btw, as he beat Expert Paul in the last round.

I knew when I played 15.a5, that he had to play …c4, then when I capture on b6, he has to recapture on b6 or b6xc7 will be devastating, but then when I saw the position on the board, the analytical side of me decided that it was too confusing, and unsure of how I would proceed from there, not able to calculate that the b6xc7 lines wins a pawn, and yet viscerally I felt that I was winning a pawn there.  That’s weird where your instinct and intuition far, outstrip and exceed your ability to calculate, plan, and analyze.  It’s like the difference between describing why something works as/while you are doing it for the first time versus the part of you that says you need to do that specific thing first before you can describe to others why it works.   It’s like not believing in your own genius.


Round 5

Earl was beating me, but then inexplicable decided not to trade queens.  I show the game score here as best as I remember the game.  I recorded up until he avoided the queen trade.

Round 6

This game was basically a take-down, and fun to play.  I still had 15 minutes remaining, so only spent 9 minutes on this game, whereas Doug had just over a minute left.

I finished with 3.5/6, so no prize.  Jefferey Fox took clear second.

It felt really good to get some blitz in, which is what the second part of a quick-chess game feels like/is.  It reminds me of what it feels like when there is virtually no time left, and oddly this time felt like playing blitz on the internet.  It actually sort of normalizes being in time-pressure, like I didn’t have time to get worked up or nervous, it felt more like analyzing quickly, bullet-like, in a post-mortem.


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