Tuesday’s Round 3 Game

Round 3

Pairings were switched last second, and I ended up being paired against Alex.  Both of us were dragging at the bottom this time with .5/2.  Alex played his Italian, and it was starting to look like a draw was very possible when Alex simply blundered with 17.RxRe1??  BTW, he spent like 15 seconds making this move, but it was already losing after his 16.Bg5.

I suspect what happened during this game was that Alex spent a long time at the board, during my long thinks, and tired himself out.  He woke up around 7am this morning, and I woke up around 1 pm, so it’s not difficult to see who this would have favored.  I got down to 18 minutes at the end, so I still used far too much time, and should really learn opening tabiyas that are deeper into the game so that I don’t have to spend so much time figuring them out OTB, as pleasurable as that may or not be to do.

In any case, I came out on the fortunate end on this one, probably for endurance/energy-level reasons as much as for chess reasons, if not more so.

I had already analyzed OTB how this would go down from the final position.  19.BxQ NxR, 20.Bxc7 (or 20.NxN RxB) NxN+, 21.gxN Rc8, 22.BxBg6 hxg, 23.Bf4 Rxc (Alex mentioned that this is better, and I thought at first to take with the pawn on c4, but Alex is right).  Alexander resigned as soon as I had played 18.NxQ since he had seen the line as well as I had.  The rook vs bishop ending was hopeless.

Here’s a nice blitz game, I played today.  Someone challenged me at 2 min, 12 sec.  Blitz is actually more fun and creative with an increment.





2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Round 3 Game

  1. After 16. Bg5 he was losing two pawns – 16… Rxe1 17. Nxe1 Nxd4 18. Qd1 dxc4.
    So, yeah, even without a blunder it was lost already. Congratulations!
    Funny blitz game.

  2. Yes, he was gone in any event after 16.Bg5, since it was a gambit where he was down a pawn to begin with, and then down two. Thank you! 🙂

    The blitz game was kind of funny. 😉

    I played a Master tonight, very different story. Counter-play does not come so cheaply against a Master! 😦

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