Thursday’s Final Round Game

Round 4

I actually got 3/4 in this tournament, but it was another meaningless game, other than for training purposes, just like the game last night, because there were only two place-prizes, First to a Master, and Second place to an Expert.  I lost as Black to a Master and therefore that was my only shot at a prize.  Totally ridiculous, there should be at least three prizes, as I told Pete last night.  You may as well lose your game or risk losing unless you have sold yourself out for mere rating points as recognition.

I played a 40 move blitz game on FICS here at 5:30 am.  This feels like a more full game than the one I played at the tournament:

The rated game played OTB was excellent, though, for purposes of learning that opening that I found myself in.  I have very little experience with it OTB, didn’t play it so hot, but at least didn’t make any real blunders.


3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Final Round Game

  1. Yeah, quite an amateur play from your opponent in that OTB game.
    This FICS game is interesting, I think his mistake was that he didn’t castle.

    I posted my last game.

  2. Yes, sometimes a FICS game makes up for things. hehe. 😉

    I’ve been studying a lot before the tournament this weekend, everything except openings, actually, and particularly as White. If I play in the Championship section it is FIDE rating, although I’m not so sure all the games will count toward a FIDE rating since not so many of us here are FIDE rated to begin with.

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