This Week’s Games

Round 1 Tuesdays

In this game, …Kh8 was the blunder, but hard to see.  I have a couple other continuations to this game posted on my Facebook page.

Round 2 Thursdays

I started out slow, or rather my opponent fast, as I saw the Noah’s Ark Trap all along, but botched it twice anyway.  I wasn’t upset as I realized I was getting a large positional advantage in any case, but then Jesse gave me a third chance to put the game away when he played ….Bg4??


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Games

  1. Round 1 – I saw your lines on Facebook, yes, 28… Nc4 and 30… Bh5 looks better.
    I understand your desire to counterattack, but an attack on the kingside needs more space and resources, I think.
    I didn’t quite get g4, it lost the game.

    Round 2 – no comment. 🙂

  2. …g4 was simply a blunder, did not consider his capturing it with his bishop until after playing it. The idea was to follow it up with …Bf6 and then …Bg5, should he capture on g4 with a pawn (after first …RxRf1). Instead …Bf6 right away was the indicated move there.

    I should have played more actively or space-gaining early on. A break with …c5 or …e5 looks more desirable than as played.

    I strongly considered, OTB, playing 11…Nxd2, followed by 12…g5, and that if he played f4 later, that I could lock it up with …g4. I figured my play would run out on kingside here, and he would attack on queenside, but it’s more equalizing than as played. I think there is this hesitation when playing so far up to play overly passive, stylistically, and this can let higher-rated player win on their high-level of chess understanding and technique.

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