Chess Master Drops A Rook!

Bet that got your attention!  Okay, so it wasn’t my game.  Master Josh B. dropped a rook against Alexander, from Russia (who will perhaps make Expert now with this draw), and still managed to draw the game!  Josh was up two pawns, and should have won a third pawn, but instead decided to win an exchange, which actually hung a rook.  However, ChessMaster Josh B. rebounded and drew with king+rook+3 pawns against king+rook+bishop+2 pawns.

In my actual game against Scott, he hung a piece right from the git-go, and we both used less than half an hour on our clocks to finish the game.

Round 2

Actually, I’ll probably play Josh as Black this Thursday – projected pairings – so stay tuned.  ;-p  (btw, I’ve never seen him drop anything before last night).


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