Thursday’s Draw

Round 3

This move 5.c3 looks coached/prepared, else it was accidental, but I have never seen this system before.  It’s actually not a terrible move, may be okay, but I have an antidote for it now, but it’s quite elaborate I must say.

In the game, I decided not to take any risks, perhaps because she threw me off guard so early, and I am playing with the Black pieces anyway.  As Black, the game has to be _your_ work of art, not White’s, so it would be time-consuming to want to play it best OTB, although I still should have.  Their coach reads my blog from time to time, so I can’t give too much away here.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Draw

  1. Her c3 is pretty far from the first book choice, the two most popular responses to c3 are Be7 and b5, then Nxe4, which is equal.
    I would probably just transpose to one of the familiar to me lines, even without trying to get an advantage of her specific move.
    Yes, it looks like you were not in the mood to fight, I thought about Nd6 instead of Qe7, but then you can get a problem with developing the dark-colored bishop.
    The draw is always better then a loss, just psychologically.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    I did think about not taking on e4, transposing more into a main-line to keep all of the tension and winning chances, but I wanted to play more on principle and see what she had in mind, and told myself I would not be afraid to exchange pieces and take it to an endgame on principle. But then, good chess is not the same thing as good ratings. Her brother and sister stopped by the board, seemingly impressed that she was drawing me, as if that were the goal, and she achieved that goal. hehe.

    Of course, I was slightly hoping that she would not play Qe2, and then I simply did not see her Bf4, which was already suggesting an equal and drawish position.

    If I had played on, I would have kept the last pair of rooks on, but then I remembered that she can play fast and accurately in these positions. There are chances for both sides to go wrong, and judging from some post-mortem with Stockfish, I didn’t have the experience level to get it right. I guess I have to realize that I am more of a middlegame player.

    I saw that after her queen check, I could play …Be7, and then …Ne6, but figured “Why should I?”, since on principle the queen trade felt it was developing a piece for me. After moving, I realized that …Be7 was doing nothing, a liability, and I’d have to move it again. I was trying to stay way up on the clock, but my style of game is not built around endgames and clock-play. This is an advantage that endgame players have over middle-game players, I see.

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