King and Pawn Endgame

Round 1

I wasn’t sure whether the king and pawn ending was going to be winning or not, but before I traded rooks realized that his backward isolated pawn was no worse than my isolated and doubled pawns, so I went in for the rook trades.

He didn’t play the opening and middlegame sharply enough or subtly enough, so I dodged big bullets there, and then he was trading into a seemingly lost ending, so that I was fortunate to bypass a potentially extremely tough middlegame for a simple one.

After the game, I mentioned to him that he could have put his king on a6, then played pawn to a5 and try to stalemate himself, but it wouldn’t have worked because I would have played the pawns the way I did in the game to avoid stalemate.

Also, I thought he might try one last trick with 39.g5 fxg?, 40.h6 gxh, 41.f6, but I was obviously prepared to play 39…h6! (forming a pawn-triangle) or I wouldn’t have wondered my king so far from those pawns.  I actually wasn’t planning on taking his a5 pawn either, was just going to push the c-pawn all the way, and then zugzwang him into giving up his f and g pawns, or making him play a pawn to g6 so that my king can eat his f pawn.

Well, I could kibitz this game now and see what Stockfish thinks, but I can also finish annotating it.




2 thoughts on “King and Pawn Endgame

  1. 5… Qf6 is a well known trick, he had to play Qf3 or Qd2, not Be3.
    It’s funny that it eventually decided the game, because he couldn’t defend his isolated doubled pawns.
    His only chance for a draw was to keep at least one rook, the pawn ending is lost for him.

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I was expecting Qe2 or Qf3, but he can play Qd4, which kind of forces me to play …Qg6 and Ne7, but I am not sure if I can get that in. My c7 is really week as in Nb5 and Nxc7. He could also play Bf1-e2-f3, the 0-0, and I have to play …Qg6 just to get off of that file. The doubled pawns aren’t as bad as they look because of that. I don’t know if he didn’t sense these weaknesses or over-respected my rating, but I can say that he seems tired when he plays, and I’m sure the first thing he does when he gets home is to go to bed. That’s the flip-side, chess doesn’t seem to be hurting him in the making him stay up all night sense.

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