A Salty Sea-Story

Round 1

Somehow, I had trouble with this one, even though my opponent’s rating is only 1210, I felt she didn’t let me off the hook until the endgame.  I was under a minute when she had an hour; again, it literally read 1 on her clock for one hour, and I was under a minute.  But it got really easy for me in the endgame when it wasn’t as clear for her what to do, and then she started blundering, and then the endgame skill/knowledge just sort of kicked in for me.

29.Qf5+?  A mistake right before where a 30 move time-control could be.  I was angling for a queen trade in case I couldn’t find a mate, and I already knew I wasn’t finding it.  So with my 1 minute to her 1 hour, I finally throw away all I had gained with that extra hour spent.  The mate is 29.Qxc7, defending h2, which I had missed, followed by a Qd6 mate move coming up shortly.

30.Qg5?  Okay, this is actually where I throw away the advantage.  30.Qe5+ Kd8, 31.c5 keeps the queens on the board, and is winning, but there are tricky tactics that I have to watch out for, since the mates are now all his and no longer mine.





2 thoughts on “A Salty Sea-Story

  1. You had 17. Qf5 instead of Nxf6 with the idea of c5 and d6.
    Also 24. Re1+ Kd6 25. Qg3+ Kd7 26. Qg4+ Kd6 27. Bf5 with a win.
    Yes, 29. Qf5+ was a mistake, Qxc7 was much better.
    She made enough mistakes in the endgames to lose the game. 🙂

  2. It’s embarrassing that I didn’t play 17.Qf5, thought I wanted to, because after 17…Bd4, I saw that ….Bxf2 was a threat, if I play 18.Ng5 but it’s a meaningless one, and if 18…Bf6, then 19.Nxh7+ is winning, but it’s even better to play 18.c5 and then d6 or even 18.Rb1. An embarrassment of riches that I passed up. It shows that I was doing analysis at a trivial level, was very nervous and simply threw it all away over two moves for no reason.

    In the 24.Re1+ line, I see the Qg3+ followed by Qg4 idea now, and I was trying to make that interference tactic work OTB, 27.Bf5 and then Qf4+. I was surprised even at that time, with so little time, that I wasn’t figuring it out at the board. My analysis was so inefficient earlier, that now I didn’t have enough time even though I had the energy and was in blitz-mode.

    I’ve gone back to working through puzzles because it’s the best way to speed up my sight of the board and OTB calculations.

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