Quick Chess Tournament

Round 1

She didn’t castle.

Round 2

I debated between 4…Nc6, and 4…c5.   4…c5 was weak.
Round 3

I flagged, but he was winning  and easily stopped all my tries during the post-mortem where we kept playing on.   I hadn’t wanted to play …Qd7 when I did, and didn’t see his queen and bishop batter happening either.
Round 4

Even though Round 4 could be considered a meaningless game, it is the one that stung.  I kept seeing better moves a few seconds late, and I can’t imagine blundering so many times as that were it a slow game.  Also, by round 4 of a quick-chess tournament I find that it becomes next to impossible to have impulse control.  Nevertheless, I flagged on move 37, when it was losing, and he called my flag on move 39, when it was a draw, and we played it out post-mortem until the very end.  I drew against all of his tries, and even promoted my pawn once (winning).  Nevertheless, he insisted that he missed a win in the drawn position.  It felt insulting in a way because I knew it was a draw the whole time, and he still didn’t want to accept that fact, but I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

Stonewall Attack game

I might have to look this up on a database, but if anyone knows a better way to handle the Stonewall Attack as Black, I’d sure appreciate any advice.  Lower rated players get this automatically strong position the way I play it.  Of course, in this game I won, but I think he was close to +2 at one moment.


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