New Opponent, Veteran Player

Round 4

Wow, the USCF ratings go back 25 years, and 25 years ago Larry was rated 1815.  He’s literally been bouncing around just below 1800 and 1850 for at least a quarter of a century.  People have lived and died in less time than Larry’s rating has moved.  hehe. (all in jest).  I’ve noticed that this is sort of how my rating has been going, so I can kid around since it maybe a sad truth, but he has probably accepted it long ago, and I sort of accept it as well, can’t control the future when it comes to a chess rating.  I wasn’t nervous at all like I usually am; had less than half a glass of water, and didn’t seem to sweat at all, no real nerves.




2 thoughts on “New Opponent, Veteran Player

  1. 19. Bb4 was a mistake, he had to play Bg3.
    It is equal after 18. Ne7+ Kh8 19. c4 Qd7 20. Nxc8.
    21. Qb3 was a blunder, but after 21. Qd2 a5 22. c4 Bxc4 he was down a pawn.
    You played well.

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