Round 5

…of a seven round tournament.  Alexander won his game, and now leads the field by a full point.

Round 5


2 thoughts on “Round 5

  1. There was only one move that I didn’t quite like – 11… Qb6, b6 looks better, more stable.
    You played very accurately and a draw was a fair result, congratulations.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    Yeah, I totally missed that 11…Qb6? drops a pawn to 12.Nxe5! BxBg2, 13.Nc4! the point (intermezzo), keeping a pawn. I had only seen 13.Nd7?? Qc7, 14.KxB QxN when he is down a piece. 11…b6 was best.

    I should have played 13…Qxb2, when I didn’t think I could hold the extra pawn, but it would have given me best winning chances.

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