The Lot Of Games From This Week

Quick Chess tournament

Round 1

Flagged.  I missed the tactical idea of trading rooks to weaken his defense, which is the same idea that I missed in  Thursday’s game.

Round 2

Round 3

The punch-drunk round.  When I came home and plugged it in and saw the engine’s eval, I immediately figured out how I don’t lose a piece, and Black stands no worse than White.  This is the problem with Quick-Chess is you play so many rounds that there are later rounds in particular where you are not fresh.  I got tired at this point, and didn’t even see his Bd2 in response to Nxa5.  Playing to the tempo of the clock in the opening, can lead to a disasterous position.  I kept seeing everything late.  Janet Jackson’s “Controversy” song (the restaurant music was playing loud) was bothering me in Round 1 when I was trying to calculate, but I also realized that it’s hard to find the time and energy to calculate something difficult in Quick-Chess.  You either have an understanding and immediate grasp of the tactics or you won’t be able to “learn/solve” anything you don’t previously already understand before you showed up.  There is zero room for learning, outside of losing (which nearly always qualifies as not learning during the game, for me).

BTW, I have tried noise-cancelling headphones in the past.  Earplugs work best for me, so perhaps I could find a pair to buy.  I do think having to wear earplugs in a restaurant, to play chess, is a bad idea in general however.  By the last round, I had tuned out the music, but it’s the same thing as telling yourself that there is a bunch of babbling commotion that you need to block out; you are still aware that it is there as some active background distraction, even if no longer listening to it.  But I’m just as happy that the staff there don’t seem to yell, and talk, and laugh as loud as they used to, it’s been much quieter in that regard.

Round 4

Thursday’s Game (Round 6)

I was going to try to put in pgn annotations, but I feel like it’s not gonna happen unless I challenge myself by saying that, at least.  My Step-sister, who was in town last week, passed away on Friday in California where her daughter lives (sudden stroke), so I can’t focus much on chess at the moment.

The easy way to understand how to win this chess game is by pushing the passed pawn before trading knight for bishop, or trading a pair of rooks, which is what I missed in the quick-chess game against Daniel as well.  Trading rooks is an advanced chess concept, to my mind, because it causes other things to hang like the other rook or back rank weakness, etc.  Other than that there are multiple rook endings that win that I missed, and the computer won’t necessarily tell you these are wins until you play them out (it’s eval will steadily increase).

Here’s how Thursday’s game looked like when I went over it with Houdini while showing lines that I mostly came up with while analyzing with Stockfish:

[Event “Thursdays”]
[Site “Denny’s”]
[Date “2016.12.15”]
[Round “6”]
[White “Brian Rountree”]
[Black “Alexander Bozhenov”]
[Result “1/2-1/2”]
[BlackElo “1961”]
[ECO “C67”]
[EventDate “2016.12.15”]
[TimeControl “G/90, Inc 30”]
[WhiteElo “1810”]

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. O-O Nxe4 5. d4 Nd6 6. Bxc6 dxc6 7. dxe5 Nf5
8. Qxd8+ Kxd8 9. Nc3 Be7 10. Ne4 h6 11. b3 Be6 12. h3 b6 13. c4 Kc8 14. Bb2
Rd8 15. g4 Nh4 16. Nxh4 Bxh4 17. f4 Kb7 18. f5 Bd7 19. Rad1 g6 20. e6 fxe6 21.
Bf6 Bxf6 22. Nxf6 Be8 23. fxe6 (23. Rxd8 Rxd8 24. Nxe8 (24. fxe6 c5 25. e7 Rb8
26. Rd1 Kc6 (26… c6 27. Rd8 Kc7 28. Nxe8+ Kb7 29. Nd6+ Kc7 30. Rxb8 Kxb8 31.
e8=Q+ Kc7 32. Qe7+ Kb8 33. Qb7#)27. Rd8)24… Rxe8 (24… exf5 25. Re1 fxg4
26. hxg4 Kc8 27. Re6 h5 28. gxh5 gxh5 29. Nf6)25. fxg6 Rg8 26. Rf6 e5 (26…
Kc8 27. h4 Kd7 (27… h5 28. gxh5 Rh8 29. g7)28. h5)27. h4 e4 28. h5) 23…
Rd6 24. Rxd6 (24. e7 c5 25. Rde1 Kc6 26. Nxe8 (26. Nh7 Kd7 27. Rf8 Re6 28.
Nf6+ Kxe7 29. Rxe6+ Kxe6 30. Rxe8+ Rxe8 31. Nxe8 Kd7 32. Nf6+ Ke6 33.
Ne4)26… Rxe8 27. Rf8 Kd7) 24… cxd6 25. Nxe8 Rxe8 26. Rf6 g5 27. Rxh6 d5
28. cxd5 (28. Rh7+ Kb8 29. cxd5 cxd5 30. e7 (30. Rd7 Rxe6 31. Rxd5 Rg6)(30.
Rg7 Rxe6 31. Rxg5 Rd6)30… Kc7 31. Kf2 Kd7 32. Ke3 Rxe7+ 33. Rxe7+ Kxe7 34.
Kd4 Kd6) 28… cxd5 29. Rg6 Kc6 30. Kf2 Rh8 31. Kg3 d4 32. Rxg5 (32. e7+ Kd7
33. Rxg5 Kxe7 34. Rd5) 32… d3 33. Rf5 (33. Rg7 Rd8 34. e7 Re8) 33… d2 34.
Rf1 Rd8 35. Rd1 Rd3+ 36. Kf4 (36. Kg2 Kd6 37. h4 Kxe6 38. Kf2 Rd4 39. Kf3 Kf6)
36… Kd6 37. Ke4 (37. Kf5 Rd5+ (37… Rf3+ 38. Kg6 Rf2 (38… Rxh3 39. Rxd2+
Kxe6)39. h4 Kxe6)) 37… Rxh3 38. Rxd2+ Kxe6 39. Rg2 (39. Rc2)(39. Rf2) 39…
Kf6 40. Kf4 (40. Rf2+ Kg6 (40… Ke6 41. g5 Rg3 (41… Rh4+ 42. Rf4 Rh2 43.
Kf3 Rxa2 44. g6 Ra1 45. g7 (45. Kg4 Rg1+ 46. Kh5 Rg3 47. b4 Ke5 (47… a5 48.
bxa5 bxa5 49. Kh6 Ke5 50. Rc4 Kd5 51. Ra4 Ke6 52. Rxa5 Kf6 (52… Ke7 53. Ra7+
Kf8 54. g7+)53. Ra6+ Ke7 54. g7 Kf7 55. Ra7+ Kf6 56. Kh7 Rh3+ 57. Kg8 Rg3 58.
Kf8)48. Rg4 Rh3+ 49. Kg5 Ke6 50. Re4+ Kd5 51. Rh4 Rg3+ 52. Kh6 (52. Rg4 Rxg4+
(52… Rc3 53. g7 Rc8 54. Kf6 Rd8 55. g8=R Rxg8 56. Rxg8 a5 (56… Kc4 57. Ra8
Kxb4 58. Rxa7 b5 59. Ke5 Kc4 60. Rc7+ Kb3 61. Kd4 b4 62. Rb7 Ka3 63. Kc4 Ka4
64. Rxb4+)57. bxa5)53. Kxg4 Ke6)))42. Kf4)41. Rd2 Rh7 42. Kf4 Rf7+ 43. Ke5 Kg5
44. Rd4 Re7+ 45. Kd6 Rf7 46. Kc6 Rf6+ 47. Kb7 Rf7+ 48. Ka6 Rf2 (48… Rg7 49.
b4 Kg6 50. b5 Kf6 51. Rd8 Kg5 52. Rb8 Kxg4 53. Rb7 (53. Rxb6 axb6 54. Kxb6
Kf5))) 40… Rd3 41. Ke4 Rd1 42. Rc2 (42. Rf2+ Kg6 (42… Kg5)43. Ke5 Ra1 44.
Kd6 (44. Rc2 Rb1 (44… Rd1 45. Rc7 Rd2 46. Rxa7 Kg5 47. Ra6 b5 48. Ra5 b4
(48… Kxg4 49. Rxb5 (49. a3 Rb2 (49… Rd3 50. Rxb5)(49… Ra2 50. Kd4 Kf5
(50… Kf4 51. b4 Kf5 52. Kc5 Ke6 53. Ra6+ Kd7 54. Kxb5 Rc2 55. a4 Kc7 56. Rb6
Rh2 57. Ka6 Rh8 58. Ka7 Rh7 59. a5 Kc8+ 60. Ka8 Kc7 61. b5 Rh8+ 62. Ka7 Rg8
63. Rc6+ Kd7 64. a6)51. Rxb5+)))49. Ra4 Kxg4)45. Kd6)44… Rc1) 42… Rd7 43.
Re2 (43. b4 Kg5 44. b5 Kxg4 45. Ke5 Kf3 46. a4 (46. Rc6 Ke3 47. Rd6 Rc7 48.
Kd5 (48. Rc6 Rh7 49. Kd6 Rh2 (49… Rh5 50. a4 Rh4 51. Rc3+ Kd2 52. Ra3 Kc2
53. a5 Rh6+ 54. Kc7 Kb2 55. axb6 Rh7+ 56. Kc6 Kxa3 57. b7 Rh6+ 58. Kc7 Rh7+
59. Kb8 Kb4 60. Kxa7 Kxb5 61. Ka8 Rxb7 62. Kxb7)))) 43… Kg5 44. Kf3 Rd5 45.
Re3 (45. Re7 Ra5 46. a4 Rc5 47. Ke4 Rc3 48. Rxa7 Rxb3 49. Kd5 Rb4 50. Kc6
Kxg4) 45… a5 46. a4 (46. Ke4 Rd2 47. a4 Kxg4 48. Rd3 Rc2) 46… b5 47. axb5
(47. Ke4 Rd8 48. axb5 Rb8 49. Kd4 Rxb5 50. Re5+ Rxe5 51. Kxe5 Kxg4 52. Kd5 Kf5
53. Kc5 Ke6 54. Kb5 Kd6 55. Kxa5 Kc6 56. Ka6 Kc7 57. b4 Kc8 58. Kb6 (58. Ka7
Kc7 59. b5)) 47… Rxb5 48. Rc3 Rb4 49. Rc5+ Kg6 50. Rxa5 Rxb3+ 51. Kf4 Rb6
52. Kg3 Rc6 53. Kh4 Rb6 54. Ra8 Rc6 55. Rg8+ Kh7 56. Rb8 Kg6 57. Rb4 Ra6 58.
Rf4 Rb6 59. g5 Rc6 60. Rf6+ 1/2-1/2

Two Game Match with Stockfish:

Match Game #1

Match Game #2


3 thoughts on “The Lot Of Games From This Week

  1. Game 1 – you had a very strong attack and 32… Bg2+ was winning on the spot.
    Then again 36… Bg2 was winning, but you flagged.

    Game 2 – he started OK, but then began to lose the material.
    26… Rxc2 was the end of the story.

  2. Thank you for your sympathies! She was our closest step-sister, and seemed very young and alive, so it was strange to hear that she had passed, although many things have been strange as I’ve gotten older. Nine close relatives and one close friend have passed, for me, in this current century.

    The …Bg2+ is winning, but it takes some lengthy analysis to understand why, for each of the variations. 😉 🙂 It’s a good tactical exercise to examine those lines.

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