Last Round Games

Thursday’s Round 2

There is still one more round of this Thursday’s tournament, but I have dropped out of it.

I figured that 48.Kh4 was a blunder, but actually I simply didn’t know the drawing technique.  If I keep checking his king with my rook in front of his pawn, then it’s only a draw, but I was playing on the 30 second delay with well under half a minute on my clock.

Friday’s Last Round

My blitz rating on FICS is at 1500.  It’s funny how many years it took for me to get it to 1500.  By the time I got it to 1500, which was just a couple minutes ago, it feelt like nothing, like I could try to make 1600 now.  That’s the thing, if it’s hard you’ll never make it, it only comes easy.



5 thoughts on “Last Round Games

  1. Thursday’s Round 2 – you were down on material most of the game due to that blunder in the beginning, difficult to play.
    His winning two pieces for a rook with going into a rook endgame was a mistake, he had an easy win without it. You had your chance then, after 45. f4 it was equal.
    48. Kh4 wasn’t worse than 48. Kf6, it didn’t matter anymore.
    Even 51. Ra1 instead of Kh4 was not saving you, White is lost according to Nalimov tablebases.

  2. Friday’s last round – your hanging pawns were pretty strong.
    I didn’t like 28… g5.
    After 31. Re1 he couldn’t take on c5 because of the knight fork on d7 after rooks exchange.
    36… a6 was a game losing mistake, you could play Rd6 and he had to give up his queen.
    Instead of 38. Qd2, Qa7 with following Bd5 was causing mayhem.
    40… Qc6 was saving his rook and the game.
    Both sides made mistakes, but you played better and deserved the win. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your comments! 🙂

    In Thursday’s game, I realized he had an easy win without trading down, but he likes to play fast sometimes, and that is part of his “game” or his issue or his style in an effort to extract a win, so that shouldn’t be a credit for him or a demerit for me, since he is purposefully choosing to flag me as his best course of action.

    The first part of the game was about my inability to find a move, plan that I liked, and that is why I blundered. I was stuck on the clock after a very long think of at least 20 minutes and I couldn’t figure out what to do, which is what lead to the blunder. The blunder wasn’t the issue, the real issue was that I couldn’t figure out a plan I thought worked, which is why I still need to annotate this game. There were a few draws in that rook endgame. I don’t have the Nalimov tables in Houdini, have to use Stockfish for the last part of the game as Houdini couldn’t find a win for him.

    In Friday’s game, I was having difficulties making anything work, yet again, and we both played it pretty tight as we usually do, but in the mutual time-scramble that followed I was able to outplay him. He flagged in that losing position, but I had gotten down to 37 seconds at one point as well. We were both playing on the increment and I saw that he didn’t have to give up his rook like that, and he saw that I didn’t have to give up my pawn like that. It was a fun game.

    Both venues were noisy at some point and it was difficult to concentrate. I had a hard time concentrating at Smashburgers due to the loud music there. To play G/90 takes an amazing amount of concentration to play at the over 1800 level because there is a definite need to cram in more analysis than you might when relaxed, and it’s particularly telling in equalish, and very balanced positions.

    It’s a bit ironic that I would get stuck in such positions, as my rating on FICS is up to 1512 after having won 29 out of my last 40 games there. However, OTB chess is different in that you can get stuck in a single position, unlike in blitz where you would guess your way through it.

    Here’s a good example of where a player loses because they simply don’t know how to proceed, and it’s taking them too much time to figure out the position, so they just start to shift wood.
    Nimzovich could do this to a lot of opponents, much as Karpov could, by keeping superior concentration over what was actually happening in a position throughout the course of a game. It sucks to lose this way because it feels there is no cure (except for extensive post-game analysis!)

    Six years and two months ago, I had my highest rating on FICS of 1521. I made a new high of 1524 at blitz tonight 5/0. That’s 32 wins out of my last 43 blitz games. The BabasChess even made a sound when I hit it. lol.

  4. I’ll check them out.

    I thoroughly went over Thursday’s loss, oh except for that very very last part. I don’t want to write too much on that game because of which local player/s may read this, my analysis.

    New high on FICS 1533.

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