End Of Week Games

Round 1 Fridays

I spent 46 of my allotted minutes on this game, so it’s good to know I don’t waste all my time even when it’s something I’ve faced before, a straightforward attacking system.

I was out of book as soon as I played 6…Nbd7.  If I can win against this opening without even playing a book line, then it’s probably not worth recommending itself against Class A players, granted he probably could have saved a tempo playing h3 instead of Be2, etc, but really I was just going to react to whatever he played.

Tomorrow, I play Imre the first game of our four-game match.  I’ll start out with the Black pieces.


6 thoughts on “End Of Week Games

  1. Thanks!

    I had to cancel that game on Saturday as a work opportunity came up,last second, and I got a full day of work in instead. 🙂 Perhaps Saturday isn’t the best day to schedule a game going forward, even though that opportunity has rarely come up.

  2. Work always gets priority…
    I went to my mom to the lake Huron, my sister is out of the country now.
    Luckily the driving was OK, almost no know and I spent good time there.

  3. Thanks! yes, went to a superbowl party yestersday and ddin’t get much done, but cut down some tree branches today, made firewood, cleaning up, being productive. 🙂

    That’s too bad about your mom, but it’s good that you are taking care of her. 🙂 I’ve lost so many relatives this century, about one per year, that regardless of what happens it’s good to live without regrets when it comes to people we hold dear (mainly family, yes, because others will always have their own family likewise at the end of the day).

  4. My mom is OK, personal support worker visits her now two times a day, once when my sister is there. It was more psychological, so she won’t feel alone.
    I played yesterday with a girl rated 1475, had to play in the middle section.
    Taking all into account, a trip on weekend and stressful day at work, it was OK.
    She played well for a long time, though I missed a couple of opportunities. Then she even could get better, but missed it. I got annoyed by all of that and sacrificed a pawn in the center. With the right play it wasn’t even a sacrifice and would give me an advantage, but I played it the other way and just made the position dynamic.
    Eventually I got an advantage and then she made a crucial mistake.
    It was a nice finish, I won’t spoil it, will publish the game.

  5. Awesome job! Glad to hear your mother is okay, too. 🙂

    The game sounds like a testament to how strong your technique is! Looking forward to seeing your game.

    I will get a higher-rated opponent tonight, so I will try my best.

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