April Quick Chess, Rounds 1-3

Round 3

Even though this is only quick-rated chess, the losses are just as painful.  I knew I had blundered my Ne4 as soon as I picked up the pawn to play 6…d6, and said to Peter “I bet you get that a lot” to which he replied “Daniel (Expert) fell for it once.”  I could have gone home at that point, but I was already in the mode to play a chess game.

After the game (I was expecting 6.Be3 instead of a 6.Be2), I pointed out that I could have equalized with 6…Bc5, 7.0-0 Nxf2, 8.RxNf2 BxRf2, 9.KxBf2 d6 (keeping two pawns and rook for bishop and knight) 10.Bg5 (best, and Peter’s choice) f6, 11.Be3 (also Peter’s choice) 0-0, 12.Kg1, and it’s equal with White having a shade of an advantage according to Houdini, but 7…Qe7 is also equal, 0.0.

After the game, Peter pointed out that he could have won a pawn with 12.Nxe5.

The time controls for this event are G/24, Inc 5 seconds.  I hate having a 5 second increment vs. a delay because I always need five seconds anyway, and it’s like Bronstein time-control where it only gives you the time after your move.  I had five seconds remaning, spent two seconds on the move, thought I’d made it in plenty of time but still flagged; with a five second delay vs. a five second increment, the flag should not have happened since I would still have let’s say one second on my clock after the five second delay – although at this point I could have cared less since I knew I was dead lost.

Round 2

21.KxRa2?  21.e5!, since after 21…Qxe5, Black no longer has the discovery on White’s queen.  I was planning 21….Bxb3+, 22.QxBb3, but then 22….Ra8! anyway -+ (-1).  It’s embarrassing how much my game breaks down at this quicker time-control.  It’s odd how much easier it seems to play a 5/5 blitz game online than an entire G/24 quick-chess game.  Also, though, each round gets more fatiguing (especially as I end up watching some of the other games finish).  It’s impressive how well that the top players in the world can play _OTB_.

Round 1

Despite the fact that Doug has never won a rated chess game, it’s still fun to see if you can mate him before he flags.  I spent 6 minutes on one move, and still ended up with 11 minutes remaining.  I mated him, and by the time he figured that out he had also flagged.

14.b4?  I was anticipating the continuation 14.a3 Rad8, which is #1 by Houdini.  After his blunder, I knew which direction this game was headed for.

Next Tuesday will conclude with the final three rounds.  There were some upsets as it seems none of us are pro enough to handle our business, the way we would with slow-chess, at this time-control.





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