Quick-Chess, Part II

Round 4

This is the game that killed my chances of winning prize-money, although I didn’t know that until after the last round.  All of these rounds were G/24, 5 second increment.  I would have easily made it to move 40 and beyond with a 40 move time control, but as it was the fatal blunder came on move 50.  I finally flagged with Paul having ten minutes left.  I played a couple moves after I flagged, and then resigned.

37…f6?!  He should play 37…f5 here, although I figured he might try pushing only to …f6 first.  My last big-think of the game was here playing 38.Bf4!, and I correctly figured it was drawing now, but there wasn’t enough time to keep it all sorted out, even though I knew that I had to guard against his …Nc1 move, which won when he played it.  I was looking at 50.Ke4, but didn’t notice until Houdini said it was okay that after 50…Nc1, my king can go back to d3 with 51.Kd3.  It’s really frustrating to lose this way since all I had to play for in this tournament was prize-money anyway (as little as that may be).

Round 5

A lot of sub-optimal moves in this game, but Michael’s style is to sew confusion over the board, and he’s usually successful at accomplishing this, in fact he was winning for much of the game.

Round 6

Getting in some 1.d4 practice.  At least I can say that I played 1.d4 when I thought that the outcome of this game might matter.  Dean had won his prior two rounds before this game.

I forgot to put my rating down as 1761 on these games.  These games only affect the quick-rating, but I put everyone’s regular rating down as I could care less what someone’s quick-rating is.  hehe.  Apparently, my quick-rating before this tournament was 1632 (I usually only have a vague idea of where it’s at).



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