The reason why you need to learn rook-endgames

Rook ending

I played this game on today.  My 1700-level opponent resigned in a drawn position (rook pawn is drawn), but that’s not why I am posting this.

When I play 24…Rc1??, I should have played 24…Ra1.  If you don’t know why one move is drawing and one move is losing, you should plug this game into your computer engine to figure out why, stat!  There’s a reason why the joke about most of Rubinstein’s wins being rook endings, because other’s thought they rarely reached them, but against Rubinstein, hmm, sure happened to them a lot.

But that’s still not entire why I’m posting this.  The main reason why I’m posting this is to illustrate why you should know the drawing technique at the end.  Your engine may say that it’s +2 for White, but it will always be a draw with the right technique.  Also, you have some random, but virtually meaningless pawn formations on the kingside, so that this position won’t readily appear in a tablebase until more of the pawns get traded off.  Incidentally, I was hoping the whole time that he would push his a-pawn further and further.  He had some practical winning chances, I figured, before pushing the a-pawn too far – not saying it was winning even then, but at least practical chances for Black to go wrong.

I’ll post my game from tonight at the bottom of this post, after I finish playing it.

Round 1 Tuesdays

I played this game today on against a Lopez type position.  I believed that I played this miniature well and that you will like to see how I did it!  🙂

They key was that I had a minute and 27 seconds left, instead of flagging in a winning position.  😉

Lopez game as Black


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