Magnus Carlsen’s Games

One impression I get from Magnus’ games is to adopt a Bobby Fischer saying about Alekhine “If you’ve seen one Magnus Carlsen game, you’ve seen ’em all.”  Another impression I get is Magnus will to win.

Magnus will vary his opening lines greatly, perhaps more than anyone, and yet know the theory or some idea in every unsharp line he plays.  Once Magnus opponent is worn down in some equal to += position, then he still has loads of energy to conjure something up.  Here’s a good example:

Carlsen vs Onishuk 2007

29.b4!  Sacking a pawn is the only way to make progress – getting the king involved is only equal.

32…f5??  Here it is Black’s turn to counter-sac with 32…Re7, giving up two knights for rook, or pinning the knight if 33.NxBb4.





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