The English Opening

I’d never played 1.c4 in a rated tournament before.  Well, to be honest, I played it one time the other day, since I was planning on playing it OTB the next day.  I don’t ever remember playing 1.c4 even online before that, so if I have it must be astronomically rare.  I studied absolutely nothing but my one online game before playing this, and the English Opening actually has tons of different lines.  Nevertheless, now I can say I’ve played it!

Round 3


2 thoughts on “The English Opening

  1. You had a better feeling of the position in the opening.
    I think 24… Rd8 was better than Qg5, even with c5 coming, computer supports me.
    Computer also thinks that his queens exchange idea was a mistake, because his queen could hold the pawn.
    There was 40. Bc4 winning on the spot.
    Good game!

  2. Thanks, as always!! 🙂

    The English is a weird opening to play as White because it’s often bad to move either of your center pawns, and there are probably more lines where d3 gets played than e3, but I guess it worked against his dragon formation.

    21.f3? 21.Rd2! Now Black could equalize with 21…Nb6!, which I dreaded OTB, but was elated to see 21…Nf6?!

    I took too long to get in c5, but yes he gave me plenty of chances in that endgame. Bc4 is like the signature-shot to put that endgame away, yes! 😉

    You are right about 24…Rd8 instead of 24…Qg5? Neither of us was thinking he was going to drop his center-pawn like that. At his rating, dropping a pawn like that will be big because his idea of aggressive compensation probably won’t match whatever a chess-engine’s idea of it is.

    The queen and pawn ending, if bishops come off, is drawn with best play and perhaps it is drawn, but would require accurate play from a human.

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