Barlay-Rountree Match #3

Round 1

I played Imre tonight, as he was free because Alex worked late and forgot to show up for his match with Imre (So now Imre has two matches going on).

Time-controls were the usual G/90, 30 sec inc, and for a change I finished this game with ten minutes on my clock, as well as having spent most of my time in the endgame.

For 13 moves we followed theory until only one game was left in the DB with 13.Nf3.  I didn’t think I was likely to win this game until he played 33.Kh1? followed by 34.Nh2?? In both cases he should have played Ne5, and then we may have maneuvered for a while, and it could have been a tough draw.

I saw 38…c3, sacrificing the bishop on f6, almost right away, but decided not to because it could lead to a rook vs. knight ending, and by keeping the tension instead I figured there was a better chance of winning a whole piece.

We play Round 2 of this match tonight.

Wow.  Imre made me play out some endgames if a different final move were played – sort of exhausting on the nerves, yet a very interesting game with plenty to study from, I’m sure.  I’ve never played this Bg5 Najdorf line in a rated game OTB before.  Bc4 has low stats, instead f4 there has better stats.  I was down to 16 seconds on my clock at one point, and he had close to an hour.



2 thoughts on “Barlay-Rountree Match #3

  1. Game 1 – I think it was equal until about move 30 and then you started to overplay him.
    The difference in level was becoming bigger and bigger so soon it was over. 🙂

  2. Well, thanks! 🙂 I wish I could deserve all that, and he thought I played well too, but like you said I pointed out to him that he just wasn’t paying attention on a couple key moves to not play Ne5.

    In Game 2, I felt I was getting dominated while trying this opening system for the first time, OTB to see what would happen. b4 was terrible, I said after the game, I was going to sac on e6, but then decided not to, and then I made a slew of second-rate moves, and one big blunder (after my Nd5 late, he had Qd8, but he only played NxNd5 as expected).

    I basically hung in there. He had tons of time, and apparently saw this mate and then forgot about it. I got lucky, yes, but there was still a game left in the position, and I think ultimately his energy level didn’t keep up with mine, as I had to bang out the moves in time (I don’t really bang anything), and for some I could see in his hands that they were rattled by the sudden pressure of having to make the right moves on his part.

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