End of an Era

In my 7 1/2 years in Colorado, I’ve seen chess-playing kids grow up, go through High School and off to college.  They’ve often started out at the bottom, 1100, 1300, I even remember when they were proud to make 1300.  They played in the Denver Opens, made Class A, or even more frequently Expert, or even Master.  Calvin aside, there is no current generation of kids that play weeknight chess in Colorado Springs – perhaps one or two come to mind, but they stopped coming.  We still get the occassional person who makes a one-time appearance at the the CO Springs Chess Club, often they are just visiting from out of town.

It’s known here in the Springs that all of the Denny’s restaurants were shut down, and so we lost that venue as a playing site.  We only had two games going on tonight at Smashburgers, so Wednesday is likely to disappear.  The Williams kids are the promise of the chess future here in the Springs, but they haven’t started their chess club up yet, and are now talking opening it up in late July.  Next month, the Springs chess club is having a G/30, dual-rated tournament.  I’m not even sure whether I will go to that one, but either way there is no standard Swiss G/90, Inc 30 next month at the CO Springs Chess Club.  Next week is sort of like the last normal week, well Wednesday I’ll get paired with a 1000 rated player unless someone new joins in the last round.

Well, with all that said, me and Dean played another heck of an endgame.  He shines there, and really made me work for it.

Round 3

At the end of the game, Black is about to win the b4 pawn and then promote his own b-pawn, so Dean resigned.


2 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. 19. Rfe1 was keeping the balance, after Qd4 the arising endgame is difficult for him.
    Then you gradually overplayed him, b5 was a good idea to fixate his pawn on b4.
    Good game!

  2. Thanks! 19.Rfe1 looks so obvious, but I don’t think I seriously considered it at the board on that move, even though it crossed my attention once or twice.

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