This Week’s Last Round Games

Last Round Tuesdays

True to form, Mike played a line which was new for me, but he said he had played it in online blitz games a couple times before.  He said he saw his mistake right away, but it took a couple minutes for me to find.

Technically, this is the shortest games in moves (8) and minutes off my clock (6); however, this wasn’t a worst game or such a badly played game on my opponent’s part since he only made one blunder (the queen), and resigned.  After the game, I told him that I had not considered his recapture of the pawn from a positional standpoint, since he is behind in development and it doesn’t further his attack (if I had played, let’s say, …Bd7 instead of …NxNd4 – naturally, I wasn’t going to let him double my pawns on c6 here).

My rating from this tournament was virtually unchanged – 1834 -> 1835.



4 thoughts on “This Week’s Last Round Games

  1. hehehe. I was thinking that OTB, looked like one of those willful moves that just might not work. If he had castled, he could have taken it a move later, if that’s really what he wanted to play. Perhaps at quick-chess that move might “work”, but not as likely against a measured opponent at slow-chess, such as myself.

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