This Week’s Games

I’ll start it with a game from Chess dot com played at 15/10, and end it with one played at 3/2.

The slow games helped me improve, and the blitz games are more like a status check, they don’t make you better, only more primed to make quicker decisions.

I feel confident my chess has gotten better, or at least more 1900 than 1800.  I think some techniques like at least trying to blindfold or guess the opponent’s moves help, but it all sort of goes out the window in blitz, as my third or fourth blitz game was the type where ya don’t realize when or where the piece was dropped.

Tomorrow night is rounds 4-6 of quick chess.

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

In rounds 4 and 5, I didn’t always take material when they hung it, to keep the games interesting.  I said Scott could take his move back, when he dropped his Bd7, but he said no but thanks, because it’s a rated game.

I played …b5 in a haste against Paul, and was considering the three other best candidate moves …Rab8, …Rfb8, …b6 were my other three candidate moves, best ones, but I quickly played some blunders, and was even looking at better moves at times, but didn’t have the experience level where I could just know, without spending time to calculate, whether I could fortress up or not.  Either way, I was a little better, but that ensured that Paul got his type of technical game, and he outplayed me for the umpteenth time.  I spent hours analyzing this game.

On the one hand, it’s a bummer losing to Paul at any time-control, and G/24, inc 5 sec feels real enough, even if he calculates and moves faster than anyone in terms of okay moves quickly.  OTH, I feel as if I should have only been playing Paul for the last 7 years, since he plays the game that I need to improve against, a purely technical player/opponent.



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Games

  1. Games 4 and 6 – no comment. 🙂

    Game 5 – it looks like you were OK for quite some time.
    29… c4 was the move from my opinion that started the downfall, it was a protected passed pawn and his d5 pawn was not worth it. Also his knight didn’t have a point of entry.
    So the reasonable result would be a draw.

  2. Yes, …c4 was bad, and then I spent quite a bit of time on the next move, whether to play 30…Rc5 (which draws maybe), and 30…Rxd5, which loses. I was looking to play …Rd3 followed by …Rc3+. In the post-mortem, he pushed his a-pawn and a drawn fortress was reached, but he could play differently and be up +2. I was sort of out of my league in the complications. With more time, I would have calculated that my king could get over and defend, but had to guess in the time-pressure.

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