8888 B-Day Celebration for Imre

Round 1

I played an unrated young man from Boulder, Colorado.  He wasn’t so bad for this being his first tournament, as he was up a piece and many pawns against a 1300 player!  I’m pretty sure he won that.


Round 2

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to play in this tournament, as I woke up at midnight, then went back to sleep and woke up again at 3am.  By the second round, I was misfiring, seeing the right moves after I moved.  I eventually offered a draw as I was under a minute, and Mr Cacas was at 1 minute 27 seconds when I offered the draw, which he accepted.

At the end of the game, I said I would have played 34…Ne4, since White threatens to win a pawn with 35.Bxe5, and this is equal, but I completely missed the ….f5 idea until I came home and plugged the game into Houdini.  Also, I wouldn’t have known to play it intricately, starting with 34….Nh5, which prevents White from sacking a pawn with h5 to free his bishop.  That was a great winning chance for Black, but not finding this was a casualty of time-pressure.  My fatigue gave me difficulty in calculating efficiently, and so I was happy to walk away with a draw.

Round 3

Day 2, I was plenty awake, but had no adrenaline, as I had completely flipped my sleep schedule the week before from waking up at 4pm to 9pm, to midnight, to 2am to 4am to 6am, and I never got more than four hours of solid sleep that whole time, it was mostly REM sleep.  Monday, I had no adrenaline, and Tuesday is the first day where I mostly got back to normal.   I didn’t want to play in this tournament because I knew I was going to do poorly, but Alex persuaded me to, saying all I ever do is study chess, so I decided to check out this new club, which who knows if it will ever open as a club (this is the only event it has ever opened for).

In this round, I debated between the safe Be2, and going hog-wild with Bc4.  The sac on f7 (Ng5 move) was premature, and done in the wrong order.  Besides this cave-man sac, White needed to play all the other moves with subtlelty and intricacy, but I went into cave-man mode.  Taking on f7, seems like cave-man attack, and was new for me, but now I realize that you have to play this way with even greater subtlety and understanding, something I didn’t realize so much at the time.

The club was pretty neat, suits of armor, sword, big screen TV showing the Sinquefeld cup, and some other nifty embellishments, such as chess piece designs in the windows.

Round 4

I played a standard line in the Lopez, which I decided to since it’s Imre’s B-Day and besides I hadn’t tried the formal Archangelsk yet.  For some reason, I was surprised that he closed it up instead of playing it sharp, and then I didn’t play so well.  Even near the end, I figured that Nxc4 was solid, but I made that retarded pawn capture on a4 anyway, pretty much sums up my tournament.  …g5 was bad, but I didn’t know, was merely playing to prevent f4.


2 thoughts on “8888 B-Day Celebration for Imre

  1. Round 1 – I liked Rxc8.

    Round 2 – The game looks more or less equal until the very end.
    I liked your f5 idea, after 34… Nh5 35. Qd3+ f5 36. c4 Qf7 37. Re1 Qg6 computer offers to sacrifice the bishop for 2 pawns
    with Black still having advantage.

  2. Thanks! I wish I had found that line in the second game OTB. Time-pressure is definitely hurting my results, even when I use it to save half-points.

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