Lack of Composure

Round 2, Tuesdays

Round 2, Wednesdays


3 thoughts on “Lack of Composure

  1. Round 2, Tuesdays – his 17. Bxc6 was not necessary, your rook on h5 is not stable.
    Computer thinks that his O-O-O loses advantage, O-O was keeping it.
    37… Na2 was a decisive mistake I think.

  2. Round 2, Wednesdays – I think it is pretty equal game until move 28,.
    I don’t like 28. dxc5 as it allows 28… d4 with initiative for Black, Rxc5 is better.
    30. Qd2 is a major blunder, losing the game.
    Computer says after 30. Qb2 it is equal, I would still prefer Black.

  3. In Tuesdays game, I also thought that Bxc6 was unnecessary but he does hit and run positional tactics like that.
    ….Na2 was a blunder.

    Wednesdays game, same here, I still prefer Black, althiough my winning chance was to simply take his d-pawn earlier.

    Thanks for your comments!

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