Colorado Springs Open 2018

Round 1

Round 2

We traded bishops on c6, then I offered a draw because I was tired.  Two moves later Daniel hung his queen, but I didn’t notice, and neither did anyone else.  LM Brian Wall asked me if I make up my excuses before the game.  Well, in chess you obviously aren’t allowed to be tired or believe your opponent’s rating.  It’s all your fault for not noticing, even if it’s your opponent’s fault for doing it to begin with.  I almost played the correct 27.Rb8, and focused on that in the two post-mortems me and Daniel had.

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5






7 thoughts on “Colorado Springs Open 2018

  1. Congratulations on a good result and beating the master. I didn’t see the queen blunder in the second game.

  2. Thanks! Oh, yeah, when he plays Rxc5, I have Rd8+, so it’s nice to know everyone doesn’t see it right away. Daniel saw it right after he played it (I asked him about it at Lunch Sunday), and said with a grin “I wondered how long it was going to take you to see that.”, to which I replied that Daniel has an excellent poker face (which he does), and LM Brian wall chuckled.

    I played most of that endgame with the Master, on the increment. I was happy that he didn’t take too long on his moves, as it was very fun to play it all quickly, less stressful that way.

  3. Round 1 – I think it was a bad idea for him to castle queenside, as gets under attack very quickly and has no counterplay at all. Yeah, it was that sacrifice on a3.
    Round 2 – Rd8+ is not very obvious.
    That rook endgame should be played carefully, I won a similar one with my opponent having an isolated pawn.

    I posted my game 5.

  4. Round 5 – I didn’t like him taking on c3 after catling queenside.
    15… c5 also was not a good move, same bad idea.
    I am not sure I would exchange the queens, though you still have an advantage.
    His 53… Rg5 was a game losing mistake, after 54. Rxg5 the pawn endgame is won for you.
    You finally overplayed him in the rook endgame.
    Good game!

    I replied to your comments and posted my game 6.

  5. Round 1. Yes 0-0-0 loses for him, I told him afterward although he didn’t seem too interested or convinced, and then sac on a3 like you say.

    Round 2. I had decided I was going to play the clock just before that (and not the board, basically), but I really just missed that shot, sadly enough as I had seen it enough times by then. In that position, it almost seems like a luxury shot, as i have other moves, but is always necessary for the defender/him to find, so that’s probably partly why he found it.

    Round 5. …BxNc3 is a normal move, to avoid looking for a way to relocate the queen, although he could have tried that, so it wasn’t surprising for me either way, I expected it. I thought that he played the opening too direct, sort of predictable for someone playing for a win, should play …Nf6 instead of …e5, which I saw ahead of time. I do better against an opponent trying to push the play with forcing moves, generally.

    I was happy to exchange queens more or less, because he could have played …a6 earlier, and then I would probably have to patiently attack with a rook lift on the b-file. Messing up his pawns like that gave me a permanently easy game, structurally, compared to his difficult one.

    His 53…Rg5 was “anything but a draw” which Masters are known to do, think like this. I even complied with Ra6 instead of RxR or Rxa7, both winning, but I don’t think that was his last mistake, he sort of got a little too “gamey” there instead of slowing down to make best moves (I was happy to see him play at my pace, which was blitz by then) – he had 54 minutes to my playing on the increment, so he could have slowed down.

    Thank you! I got my fifteen minutes of fame there, I guess, although it lasted longer than that. 🙂

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