The Chess Hangover

A chess hangover is when you have a great tournament (like winning against a 450  higher-rated opponent in your last game), and then you have to play a couple days later, and you’re not ready to let go of your previous success.

Round 1, Tuesdays

4…Bb4, 5.Nd5 Nxe4 is the Belgrade Gambit, I believe, or at least similar looking, fine for Black.

5…a6 Played instantly, in response to his move, but this is not the best move. 5…d6, 6.Na5? Nxe4, 7.NxB NxN, Black is up a pawn.

7….Nxd5 At two games, this is still the most replied move in the database. I normally play 7…Be6 in this position (probably the a3/a6 moves are relatively normal for it as well) and have huge success with it against lower-rated players, but I wanted to try this move instead. I had only beaten Larry (900 rated) with this in a blitz game, so I felt I must have chosen to follow my own bad “theory”, once he played his light squared bishop back (which I had advised Larry after that game).

After 7…Be6, 8.Bg5 BxN, 9.BxB (9.exB equalizes because the d5 pawn is blocking in his bishop) it’s interesting that while Black looks okay I don’t find games in the DB (probably due to a3/a6). The computer will say it’s okay to play …h6, and …g5 here, kicking the bishop, but after …0-0, and …0-0-0, it shows how White can give up the Nf3 to get a perpetual on the Black king. Now that may be equal, but giving up 15 rating points to a forced draw may not be considered an “equal” result among human players. Clearly, one person would be getting the better of that deal.

9…Bg4?? The three top moves, which are equal by Houdini, …0-0, …h6, and …Nc6 are all three moves which I wanted to play, but here is where the trifecta of badness came in. I was nervous (after once again being congratulated for my last game of beating a Master, this time by Dean, and I think Mike F.), I was seeing ghosts (500 yard stare), and the table five feet to my right was playing blitz chess, hitting the clock loudly and most importantly Sean’s giggling after every move, which was driving me crazy, couldn’t concentrate. After I blundered I got up and told them to play blitz outside the hall, if they would; they did, and I was able to concentrate after that. In truth, after playing the weekend tournament, I knew it is better to take a bye on Tuesday but chose not to allow myself to.

9….Bg4?? Okay, well I told myself that after 9…Bg4, 10.Bxf7+ KxB, 11.Ng5+ QxNg5 is impossible because the Ne7 is in the way, but the blitzing on the table to the right wouldn’t let me concentrate no matter how hard I tried, and I had no cotton for my ears or anything, and so this is how that affected me, I couldn’t focus properly. I don’t think I’ll ever try playing a rated game in a noisy resteraunt again, for example. hehe. hmm, that tournament in a food-court coming up, I would need some earplugs or something to survive that.

11…Ke8. 11…Kg8 is better, and I noted after the game that I do have 11…Kg8, 12.QxB Qc8, 13.Qf3 the move 13…Qf8 here, so that it did look like the better move after all.

14.Nxg7+?? This is the trap I was hoping he’d fall into when I played 12.Qd7, and thought that I may not have played my moves quickly enough for him to casually fall into it, but he did reply with this move quickly after all.

15…Ne7 My intuition told me that 15…Nf4 was best, and is, but I was going with my calculations over intuition in this game, which wasn’t nearly as strong, but sometimes this happens.

16…h6 I liked 16…Rg8 better (it’s much better), but I wasn’t seeing all of the lines.

29…Rdg8? I had seen the maneuver …Rf4-h4xh5 since I had played …Rf8 initially, but for some reason here was quickly wanting to play some clever move-order. Yes, I was off-form in this game, pretty much throughout.

32…Kf6, not solving the position. I thought we were getting into some mutual zugzwang, but it is only White that is getting zugwanged here, with the Black king on f4,Bg3,Rg5 White runs out of moves which don’t lose. It’s easier to see on a computer than to type out all the variations as to why.

34…Kb3?? Allowing my 1200 level opponent to solve the position for me. A bit of a sad game, but sometimes people play down to a lower level, and sometimes people play up. I’m not known for doing this, but it happened on a few other boards as well, with still no upsets.


[Event “Tuesdays Swiss”]
[Site “CSCC”]
[Date “2018.03.06”]
[Round “1”]
[White “Scott Williams”]
[Black “Brian Rountree”]
[Result “0-1”]
[BlackElo “1867”]
[GameNo “-1”]
[WhiteElo “1201”]

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4 Bc5 5. a3 a6 6. d3 d6 7. Nd5 Nxd5 8.
Bxd5 Ne7 9. Ba2 Bg4 10. Bxf7+ Kxf7 11. Ng5+ Ke8 12. Qxg4 Qd7 13. Ne6 Ng6 14.
Nxg7+ Qxg7 15. Bg5 Ne7 16. h3 h6 17. Bxe7 Qxg4 18. hxg4 Kxe7 19. Rh5 Raf8 20.
f3 Be3 21. Ke2 Bf4 22. Rd1 Rfg8 23. b4 Rg5 24. c4 Rxh5 25. gxh5 Bg3 26. a4 Rf8
27. d4 exd4 28. Rxd4 Rg8 29. Rd1 Rg5 30. Rh1 Kf6 31. Kd3 Ke5 32. a5 Kf6 33.
Kc2 Bf2 34. Kb3 Rxg2 0-1


2 thoughts on “The Chess Hangover

  1. Bg4 looks like a loss of concentration.
    I hate people playing blitz, as well as friendly games and commenting on them
    being in the same room as tournament players.
    Nxg7 looks weird, there is no compensation for that sacrifice.
    The rest of the game looks technical for you.

  2. Yeah, the playful banter and both slamming the buttons on their clocks, just across from me, was to much. How are people laughing at each other, slamming buttons, joking, etc. For sure, if people are going to slam the clock, they are not playing casually in any event, they are playing “serious and yet not so serious blitz” at the same time.

    It’s funny you call that Nxg7 a sac, giving him too much credit. He realized he had blundered as soon as he picked up the piece and held it high in the air for a while. I was hoping he’d make that visual blunder.

    Yes, rest of the game was just a technical exercise. 🙂

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