Class E discovers theory at the board

Round 1

My young opponent, who said before the game “Let’s get this over with” (he always this sort of thing, while it takes me longer each time to beat him), to which I replied “You never know”, played far better than his consistently so far 1,000 rating would suggest.  One never knows when a kid like this will jump up a few hundred rating points, and I could tell OTB that it won’t be long now.

5.Qd3  The DB shows their are about 20 moves here for White, but I figure a lot of them must involve sacking the e-pawn after taking on c3, e4, then …Qh4+.

9.Qg5  Surprisingly, a novelty.  I too wanted to play 9.a3 or 9.0-0-0 for which there are three games in the database each, but I didn’t want to wait for his attack so much.

9…Ng6  =  I was happy to see this move, and engine confirms that after 9…0-0 Black is on the better side of equal.

9.QxQ  I considered 9.Qe3 and 9.Qg3, and it would seem I am giving up development, but I was happy to at least know he would not be castling queenside, and his …RxQd8 made the position look more conventional.

9.e5  Premature, as after his reply 9.Be7 my next move, which I didn’t notice before, is now more or less forced.

15…cxd4  Now I have a positive feeling about this game.  Before, I had considered Kb1, Nc1-d3, now he is developing this knight for free, although I may have covered the d4 square with Nc3-b5xd4 in some cases.  The trade of light bishops also gave me this light-color square complex to use for my knights.

After this, I avoided some of the better complications for sake of time and accuracy.  Grayson does play fast – he used ten minutes for the game.

26…Be7??  I knew he had to play 26…Bd6 here; naturally, after the game he mentioned he didn’t want to trade minors, but I didn’t want to trade either, for tempos sake.

28.Nxd4  Grayson let out a sigh “Oh, I didn’t see that!”, but of course it was his next two moves, and the fact that he didn’t stop here to deeply reconsider the position, that did him in so quickly.

30…Kd6  I pointed out after the game that he was also getting mated after 30…Kc5

I finished the game with 44 minutes, which seems about right – I should prefer to keep half the time on my clock, given the game lasted only 31 moves.

It seems hard to believe that we were playing  a totally legitimate game, twenty five moves into it.  I’d say that Grayson should probably be a hundred points higher than his rating, but I also know that there are quite a few under-rated players in the Class E range at the club who are quite strong, but get their ratings suppressed from playing up in class too much.

On a personal note, I almost didn’t go, but ate a plate of spaghetti right before, and that gave me the energy to stay up normally.  I’ve flipped my sleep-schedule successfully, woke up at 6am this morning.  I figured that the Hermans would show up, so this makes it a strong tournament, and with only four rounds one doesn’t want to take a bye.

[Event “Tuesday Swiss”]
[Site “CSCC”]
[Date “2018.06.05”]
[Round “1”]
[White “Brian Rountree”]
[Black “Grayson Harris”]
[Result “1-0”]
[BlackElo “1009”]
[GameNo “-1”]
[WhiteElo “1848”]

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. f3 e6 4. Nc3 Bb4 5. Qd3 b6 6. Nge2 Ba6 7. Qe3 Ne7 8. Bd2
Nd7 9. Qg5 Ng6 10. Qxd8+ Rxd8 11. O-O-O Bc4 12. a3 Bd6 13. e5 Be7 14. g3 c5
15. f4 cxd4 16. Nxd4 Bxf1 17. Rhxf1 Bc5 18. Ndb5 d4 19. Ne4 f5 20. exf6 Nxf6
21. Nxf6+ gxf6 22. Rfe1 Kd7 23. Nxa7 Ra8 24. Nb5 Kc6 25. c4 e5 26. b4 Be7 27.
f5 Nf8 28. Nxd4+ exd4 29. Rxe7 Rxa3 30. b5+ Kd6 31. Bb4# 1-0


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