To be or not to be

Round 2

Winning this game would put my “live rating” just over 1900, and still not a peak rating at that, which for me was 1910 five years ago.  If anything, that’s a slightly depressing thought, since I was playing and working full-time back then.

There aren’t a lot of high-rated active players in the Colorado Springs area though, like there were back then.  In that one weeknight tournament, there was Wise, Shand, Loving, Freeman, Covington, Herman, Rhett, Pahk, Shook, Carson, etc all playing in it – most of them were or did make Expert.  Dean Brown was still the TD back then, of the Panera tournament, and it was played at G/90, d/5.

I have no Candidate Master norms (which is like an Expert title, but doesn’t go away due to rating fluctuations).  I have to finish better against higher-rated players, it’s been a bugaboo for me.



2 thoughts on “To be or not to be

  1. Your d5 was rignt on time.
    After queens exchange her position doesn’t look stable.
    I don’t understand that doubling of rooks on the “f” vertical.
    34. Be4 was a blunder and the game was over after it.
    Good game!

  2. hehe. Thanks!

    Yes, my play wasn’t stellar, and we both played the middlegame like we were a bit confused on what to do, and were avoiding things. I too, mentioned to her after the game about her Rf2 being a mistake both times she played it (almost as if a mistaken pattern in her play, but she was playing to win rather than playing to keep the position balanced, most likely), and that I had expected Rad1 (or Rae1) instead.

    Yes, thanks, …d5 came in due to necessity by that point. I had played quite passively, should have played …g6 to stop her Nf5, for example, and should have castled instead of playing …h6. Quite nerve-wracked play by both of us.

    Engine didn’t like my …Bf4, wanted to see a passive retreat, but it’s more practical to test a lower-rated player in such a situation, as to what their intentions are, and how well they will play it.

    Kind of funny story, I had accidentally left the clock set at 5 second increment, from quick-chess the night before (this is why I don’t like 5-second increment, it uses the same clock-setting, and I might forget to change it). Anyhow, I got down to 19 seconds before I noticed this, but by then was basically making queens and it didn’t really affect the result. She had gotten down to 7 1/2 minutes by that time.

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