Hi!  I’ve been fascinated by chess for a quarter of century.  The Kasparov-Karpov rematch actually made the local news back then (before the days of CNN), and it also made it into the newspaper where I followed it in the LA Times.

I would “force” my friends to play chess with me, beat an easy computer program of that day, and study books like Chernev’s Logical Chess, and try to visualize the combinations.

Since then I’ve read some of and owned at one time or another at least 200 books, but as of the days of online chess, haven’t studied them much anymore, as the internet play is so much more addicting!

It’s funny, first beat my Fidelity Excellence computer back in ’93.   That was a milestone, and accidentally broke it not much later.  Who knew all the games that would follow.  From tournaments, to the now defunct KasparovChess, to Yahoo, to ICC, to FICS, what a journey it’s been!


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ! Good to see you last weekend at chessPalace
    Ive been reading a bit in your chess blog.. its quite coool
    I bet it really helps to take the time to write your thoughts on the games you play.. and running them through a computer ..well thats great too.
    I like to study my games afterwards.. but I always find it more fun to go play another ! William

  2. Thanks for stopping by, William! If you start a blog, let me know (!) and I will link to it, if you want.

    Yes, I am quite a character on this blog. 😀 It does help to lay out my thoughts, probably mostly so that I can normalize my nerves and outlook as much as possible for when I next play; so, it probably has less to do with the chess than a typical chess blog.

    It is very motivating to me to have a chess blog where friends contribute to it. When I play, some opponents are not interested in what I think about anything, let alone the chess game just played, so friends here really help. Otherwise, I can definitely see why some people would either drop out or simply stop giving a care about their opponents. After all, we are in the age where we are playing kids a lot of times, and some opponents do not really conversate.

  3. Dear Linexguy,

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in trying a free trial of the new online coaching system, that ChessCube.com has developed. If you would like more information, please email rosie@chesscube.com.

    Thanks for your time.

    Warm Regards,
    Rosie McBain

  4. Hi LinuxGuy – do you ever play G/90 games on FICS? I don’t think I’m as good as you are, but if you do play long games on FICS and would like some easy competition, I’d like to play sometime.

    email me at rockyrook at hotmail or leave a comment on my blog.


  5. Brian, didn’t know you had a blog. We (you, me, and my son Shawn) need to get together and talk about linux and some other programming challenges Shawn is going through. We might even get in a few games of chess!

    Paul Covington

  6. Hi, Brian! Thanks for stopping by!

    I should annotate together with the moves more clearly. Actually, you can view the games on this blog by clicking on the links that say “Game” or “Round 2”, etc. 😉

  7. Do you have a best articles section or any top posts you recommend? What is your position on guest posts? I would like to start chess blogging myself.


  8. Hi, Alex!

    So far, all of the posts are only ordered by the chronological dates of tournaments that I have played in. That’s a great suggestion, I should have a link for articles, so I think I’ll add that soon.

    I hadn’t thought of having guest posts, but I could do that as well, and if I do that I will probably set the site up on it’s own domain, and embed a chess board onto the site, which I was thinking of doing already anyway. I’ll post a link to that site here once I get it set up, might take a week or so. Yes, then multiple authors could contribute. Thanks for the suggestion!


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